Elisa Jue

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  • San Francisco, CA
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Elisa is quick to note that she doesn’t have an architectural style. "I believe design should be human-based, not style based," she explains. "Every project caters to a different human population, and that makes it special." Especially in healthcare, Elisa advocates for design that better serves children with special needs. "They don’t have a voice, so I’ve generated awareness to try and improve their environment." She notes that something as simple as subtle paint colors, rather than stimulating ones, can have a significant impact. "It’s all about being more mindful." Elisa says she’s appreciative that architecture’s blend of art and science "forces you to think in various perspectives." Elisa is somewhat of a master at experiencing different perspectives. Outside of the firm, she is the Director of the Awana Club at her church for children ages 3 to 11 and interprets between Cantonese and Mandarin for her church too.