David King

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David takes big challenges in stride. "I really enjoy working with smart people on interesting projects," he offers. "The more complicated, constrained and bigger, the better!" As one of SmithGroup's most talented design leaders, David keeps his plate full, playing a prominent role in the planning and design of many of the firm's larger academic, commercial, civic and cultural commissions. David is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, one of the many organizations that has bestowed his work with a long list of awards. With environmental concerns at the forefront, David foresees a demand for "higher performing buildings, more efficient planning, more sophisticated engineering, and adaptive reuse of our existing infrastructure. I am optimistic that we can both ‘do the right thing' and prosper in this setting." And perhaps build a legacy along the way. "Great buildings are great story tellers," he suggests, "capturing the culture and technologies of our time."