Chris Anderson

  • San Diego Architecture design
  • Chris Andreson Architecture Los Angeles

Chris believes thoughtful design “often works in the background.” If it’s intuitive and convenient, he reasons, it simply makes life easier. “But it also has the potential to bring unexpected joy and surprise. I think it’s important to design buildings with multiple layers to experience.” Humble about his own talents, Chris enjoys mentoring newer designers. “It takes a long time to comprehend how buildings will age over time and recognize potential pitfalls,” he remarks. “I hope to share my mistakes and accomplishments with others so they, too, can create architecture they can be proud of.” Raised in L.A., Chris says he was “easily awestruck” by interactions with buildings as a child, particularly the “strength, craftsmanship and beauty” of Art Deco. He fondly recalls evening hikes with his grandparents in the Hollywood Hills. “Walking up to the majestic Griffith Observatory at night elicited such a strong emotional reaction, I think it put me on the path to architecture.”