Fueling a New Mixed-Use Strategy: Convergence

Evolving markets, emergent technologies, and shifts resulting from the sharing economy are fueling major disruptions that challenge past assumptions about developments. Recently, our mixed-use, workplace, and urban environments experts teamed with developers, city representatives, and leaders from top business enterprises to explore the future of the mixed-use marketplace. What did our group see as the greatest opportunities for mixed-use development in 2019 and beyond? Visit the links below to find out.

Redefining the High Performing Workplace Office Design Strategy Lise Neman SmithGroup


As competition to attract and retain top talent continues to intensify, many companies are looking for opportunities to showcase their unique corporate culture while raising the recruiting bar. And the most forward-looking of these enterprises are exploring how their physical workplace can help to improve the employee experience. 

The Future of Buildings SmithGroup

The Future of Buildings
By Alexis Kim & Bob Varga

Technology has allowed us to reach far beyond the walls of a single building when it comes to how we choose to live, work and play. As these facets continue to converge, experts predict that buildings will evolve beyond physical spaces by the year 2050. Workplace strategist Alexis Kim and Bob Varga, design principal, collaborated with designers, real estate developers, urban planners and business leaders to explore innovative mixed-use strategies that could enable buildings to “flex” as needs change. What's on the horizon? Read more to find out.

The Future of the City SmithGroup

The Future of the City
By Michelle Ray & John Crump

What does it take to create vibrant, transformative, economically viable projects at a district scale? Mixed-use and workplace specialists Michelle Ray and John Crump collaborated with designers, commercial real estate developers, urban planners and business leaders to discuss critical components that enable (and inhibit) successful mixed-use developments. Find out what they learned in "Mixed-Use Convergence & the Future of the City," the third in a series of blog posts discussing design and the future of convergence.

The Future of District Developments SmithGroup

The Future of District Developments
By Dan Kinkead & Michelle Ray

The increasing convergence of mixed-use initiatives within cities underscores the significance of inclusive, visionary, and committed development. This movement also reinforces the demand for environments that support multiple, seemingly divergent uses. Dan Kinkead, co-director of SmithGroup's Urban Design Practice, and mixed-use specialist Michelle Ray speak to trends that are informing urban and commercial real estate redevelopment. Find out what's on the horizon in “Mixed-Use Convergence & The Future of District Developments.”