Laurie DaForno

  • Laurie DeForno Headshot project manager
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Laurie emphasizes the importance of process-based teamwork, compassion, insightfulness, and authenticity in all her projects.  She stresses, “We all care deeply about the work we do; our differentiator is encouraging continuous improvement and the utmost respect for people.” Laurie’s life choices were strongly impacted by an early architectural internship—or more specifically, the long drive from her small town to the office. “I hated being cooped in the car all the time. It factored heavily into the type of lifestyle I pursued; how I contribute to an urban ecosystem. These choices still have a profound impact on how I live today.” Laurie still appreciates the benefits of working in the office, where on a typical day she’ll arrive by bicycle.  “I get energy and creativity from the people around me, all working together toward a common goal.  And the brisk bike ride is a bonus!” she says.  Laurie also draws energy from the outdoors. She enjoys bicycling, swimming, and hiking.  She backpacked through the state of Colorado a few years ago and would love to go on another adventure “with tall trees, mountain streams and the woodland creatures of my childhood.”