Chris Mayor

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  • Washington, DC
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With degrees in music performance and architecture, Chris brings a unique creative awareness to his work. "As a musician, I learned that the beauty of music is hidden in nuances and connections with those playing next to me," he explains. "Architecture is no different." Along with his musical background, Chris credits a childhood move to southern Spain as a major influence. "At age 10, I was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of years of history, steeped in cultures I never knew existed in my cookie-cutter bubble of suburbia. It blew my mind and forever changed the way I relate to the world." The Alhambra palace made a particular impression. "I was moved by the textures, colors, patterns and even how the spaces sounded," he recalls. "I realized that architecture and landscape design could be experiential and evoke strong emotion." Chris still plays the piano and speaks multiple languages. "Enough to be dramatic in just about any situation," he jokes.