As the link that connects architecture to the user, interior design has a powerful purpose. Interior environments and the people who inhabit them form a symbiotic relationship. Only when people engage with their surroundings can a space fulfill its intention. SmithGroup interior design connects with the user at a personal, tactile and experiential level, transforming spaces into places that become a haven for people to heal, a seat for people to learn, a venue for discovery and an incubator for innovation. Interior Design brings purpose to a place. 

Comprehensive Transplant Center SmithGroup

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Comprehensive Transplant Center 

At SmithGroup, designing an interior space begins with the client. We embed ourselves in their environments, observing and asking questions. The purpose is to understand what the client wants, what they need, and how those needs may evolve in the future. From that foundation, we devise solutions that are not only functional spaces, but also unique settings focused on the needs and well-being of the individual.   

Mountain Park health Center SmithGroup

Mountain Park Health Center

Noblis Headquarters SmithGroup

Noblis Headquarters

Ally Bank Headquarters SmithGroup

Ally Bank Headquarters

Oakland University Engineering Building SmithGroup

Oakland University Engineering Building