From higher education to healthcare research, corporate workplaces to cultural centers, organizations are turning to technology to streamline operations, improve productivity and enhance the user experience. A robust and reliable network has become an essential utility in facilities. Its importance will continue to grow, along with the growing reliance on interconnected systems and emerging technologies.

SmithGroup's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team brings the latest knowledge of advanced technologies and processes focused on enhancing the building's performance and the user's experience. Integral to our interdisciplinary design ethos, the ICT team addresses our client’s current needs with future-focused solutions to support the evolving nature of systems and technologies. Working across the nation, the team has designed projects for clients such as Michigan State University, General Motors and Boston University. Given the complexity of visioning, planning, designing and constructing today’s buildings, having an ICT team involved from a project’s inception avoids costly delays and ensures optimal network connectivity.


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A Holistic Design Approach

SmithGroup’s ICT team members are experienced, thought-leading designers and technology project managers. They work closely with the client and the SmithGroup design team to provide expert advice and guidance on the design, installation and implementation of the various technologies and systems that will be integrated into a building’s infrastructure. ICT provides consulting and design services internally on SmithGroup projects, and externally to other building owners and architectural firms. Team members are located in SmithGroup offices throughout North America, focused on the key ICT markets.



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David Glenn ICT Leadership

David Glenn, Principal - Director of Information & Communications Technology

One of the few professionals with credentialed experience in information technology, telecommunications, building security, and audiovisual technologies, David Glenn is a well-regarded, results-driven national thought leader that approaches each project from a holistic perspective. As the third generation of a construction-industry family, it was only natural that David would earn a degree in building construction and plan a career in construction management. Over time his interest and expertise in IT and networking, ultimately led him to technology design and consulting.

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SmithGroup Launches Information and Communications Technology Team

SmithGroup, one of the nation’s leading integrated design firms, has launched their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team to expand the firm’s capabilities to provide a full suite of technology solutions for their clients. This team is led by David Glenn, who has joined the firm as a Principal and Director of Information and Communications Technology. Glenn leads a team of experts located in SmithGroup offices around the country that will provide consulting and design services to internal SmithGroup design teams, as well as other external partners, including building owners and design firms. 

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