Civil Engineering

Starting with a solid base of sound design and engineering principals, SmithGroup’s civil engineering services focus on developing sustainable design solutions for projects across all our market areas. We not only solve technical solutions for the built environment, we do so while preserving natural assets and minimizing impacts to existing features and eco-systems. 

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Eastern Market/Link Detroit

SmithGroup’s civil engineering team thoughtfully integrates civil infrastructure within the context of the overall site and building design. The engineering is so well integrated, because our engineering team is involved right from the beginning of the design process, working collaboratively with the client and our architects, planners and design partners. Together they evaluate the physical environment and assess alternate approaches to maintain or alter the infrastructure needs to meet project objectives. The result are systems that perform extraordinarily well, improve the overall site design, and enhance the user experience.  

 Whether modeling a waterfront coastal environment or solving complex utility and infrastructure challenges, SmithGroup’s civil engineering team has a keen ability to solve complex engineering challenges of all types and sizes. We address regulatory needs and exceed client expectations with innovative, resilient and cost-effective engineering solutions.